by Cali and Erin

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released December 14, 2014

All songs written and performed by Erin Dougherty and Cali Machen.
Recorded and produced by Chadzilla Johnson at Chadzilla Music.
Cover art drawn by Erin Dougherty and Cali Machen.



all rights reserved


Cali and Erin Denver, Colorado

Cali Machen and Erin Dougherty are creative soul sisters, raised at the foot of the Colorado rocky mountains. Weaving the beauty of harmonies with intention through written and shared word, they create a mesmerizing and powerful presence within their music. Through song , they believe power is harnessed which penetrates, fills, and moves the human spirit to deeper levels of being. ... more

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Track Name: Mountain Song
With eyes of a child
but spirits worn dim,
let go of
all I'd known to have been.
To needles of pine,
and aspen eyes.

They whispered come,
child come with us.
Whispered come,
child come with us.

And these hills are wild,
but they'll set your old heart free.
And these ways are wild,
but they'll set your old soul free.

So he took to the woods,
with trail unknown.
until time lived not
in his shadows.
With restless mind,
beneath moonlit skies.
It said follow,
boy follow me.
Said follow,
boy follow me.


Down to a hearth,
girl with hair to her knees.
And she slept with foxes,
all burrowed in the leaves.
And she said come,
boy come with me.
She said come,
boy come with me.

Track Name: Sweet River
Sweet river flowin',
carry me on your tongue.
And stone walls of canyon,
echo all we have sung.

And we sing to the night,
and we sing to the heights,
from the vastness of our eyes,
the nebulas alight.
And we sing to the night,
and we sing to the heights,
from the chaos aligned,
bowing to this life

Sing Aho, Aho
Sing Aho, Aho

Tall grasses blowin',
bury me in your soil.
And indian paintbrush, queen anne's lace,
wild in the wind,
remembering what's yet to come,
and all that has been.

And we sing to the night,
and we sing to the heights.
From the vastness of our eyes,
the nebulas alight.
And we sing to the night,
and we sing to the heights,
from the chaos aligned,
bowing to this life


And looking up to mama moon,
she said all you need is within you.
See I am thunder, I am grace
to manifest this sacred space.
I am power, I am bliss
spread splendor through these fingertips,

So sweet river flowin'.
carry me on your tongue.
Track Name: Awakened
Wind take me higher,
far away where I can breathe,
above the trees,
all that's suffocated me.
Wished on these seeds,
now scattered far from me,
cross my fingers,
prayin' you will never leave me again.

Wind chill my bones,
awakened by the cold,
smoke fills my soul
with all i need to know
is that no matter how far away you are from me tonight,
it's alright.

Sand fills my eyes
til reality is gone,
only a speck
on my golden-blue horizon,
far from
these superficial highs,
where I can see it all
through my own two eyes.
Now take a minute,
and realize
you're alive.
Track Name: Grandfather Song
And he held his head up.
And the rain it held him.
And it washed his leathered skin, anew.

And he held his children
in palms of promise.
With cheekbones painted,
for now, we are strong.
We are strong.

And he said, walk,
into your valley.
And with each step,
release your truth.
Show up into your body,
let the wild movement move.

And the sage it lifted
in the dance of spirits,
held suspended
and burned into the sky.

And he left his body,
to tears of freedom
of earthbound tide.
To live on the wind,
on highest hill, on smallest palm,
grandfather song.


And as one tribe,
be hand in hand,
with spiders' spindles weaving through us all.
Beyond these eyes,
remembering the skies we looked to,
phase attuned,
inseparate inside.
And may we share to feel the rise of this tide,
and may we seed connection bursting through this life.

And may we walk
into our valleys,
and with each step,
release our truth.
Show up into our bodies,
and let the wild movement,
let it move.
Track Name: Remedy
Mama said child,
rest your weary eyes,
and run ever on the wind.
And look to me
in crests of mountains,
for they'll be there
long when I'm gone.

And papa led you, into the garden,
to tread light, so all can grow.
And rest with me in the soil,
for we are gardens, growing too.

And today is the remedy
we've waited for.
And our palms are the medicine
we move from our core.
So reach, my brothers,
and each palm you meet is god.
So lead all others,
we are more than we know we are.

To learn the spoken word
of timeless, ethereal,
and speak your truth.
Sweetest being, you are power,
and worlds on worlds live in you.

Track Name: Lullaby of the Wandering Woman
I've heard stories of blisters on the anklebones,
of weary men who wrote their letters in starlight.
A travelers time spent in art forms
bigger than his words,
the gift of fruit, and rain,
the sacred presence of mother earth.

Sister say, lay under me.
Father sky says lay under me.

And it's the lullaby of the wandering woman.
It's the love song of the traveling soul.

I've walked lifetimes through great open tundra.
Trust in my soles, below, leading me onward.
To paint these prisms of color
to rain upon the land,
the gift of growth and pain,
the sacred presence of mother earth.

Sister say, lay under me.
Father sky says lay under me.

And it's the lullaby of the wandering woman.
It's the love song of the traveling soul.
Track Name: Hymnal of Winter
Ancient song is sung.
Through meadows and mountains,
in blankets of crystalline white.
And hymnal of winter, envelop the sky with your might.

Earth's breath in, to inward eyes.
Barren structure, and stillness deep inside.

And leaves, turn with my bones.
Over and golden, surrender to unforeseen growth.
With breath like fire, before the cold.
And embers dancing wild with my soul.

So misty eyes, keep dreaming
And flood your lungs with light.
Spirit guides, keep weaving
in the darkest of the nights.
Track Name: The Ghost of You (Breathing In)
Footprints on your dusty staircase,
I whisper, and you're there.
Takes twice as long to remember my name,
but your face looks the same.

Back to back, I can hear you calling,
faded faces breathing in.
And I'm running in circles, again.

The little won't stay little for much longer.
And the big have a habit of coming home.
In the white washed, ash filled mountain,
and the cry of her bones.

Track Name: Calling You Home
You walk around here like a ghost.
With your head where your feet are,
and your feet where it hurts,
and i promise,
it won't keep you for long.

The more that you take,
the more that you boast,
with your thoughts out the window,
and your spit on the floor.
And I swear, it won't keep you for long.

With that cigarette that you burn,
You swear those embers and ashes will keep you young,
and that bottle of vodka kept under your pillow,
you know,
it won't hide you for long.

You think that you've been here before.
Well you swallowed the key, and fell right through the door,
while your brothers in the hospital,
stomach pumped and still wanting more.
Inject this bliss until you're black and blue,
It'll do the trick, It will numb you,
and it might kill the pain but it kills the happiness too.


And he held you in his arms,
and his mother's empty arms,
call you home.
Track Name: On These Tides
Well I'm strong like the ivy on buildings, I know.
But my body's grown weak and my bones have grown cold.
These waves, they are wild,
but they'll be calm soon.
In these snow covered valleys,
I talk to the moon.

Cry me a river,
cry me an ocean.
Throw me a sailboat,
keep me afloat.
I'm not sinking.

You whisper these words,
that I've never heard.
Tell me tales of battles
from the wings of a bird.
Say ideas they are precious and
float on the wind,
so keep singing them.

Track Name: Your Sweet Lovin'
Come closer, so I can hear,
the sweet nothings you whisper in my ear,
Just the two of us, becoming one.
Sweet beings of love.
Just the two of us, is all it takes,
naked and aching.

And if all the gods we blamed it on were here,
what would we fear,
what would we fear.
And if all the love we gave off was pure,
what would we fear,
what would we fear.

And I miss your sweet lovin',
and I fear your sweet lovin'.

We don't need
anything we think we do
cause were worn out, tossed out, we're spit out
and abused.
The youth.
Tell me the truth.
Cause we're fighting for a cause we know we'll lose,
we'll lose.

Track Name: Impermanence
Take these moments, listen again,
breathe in, the ways.
And we'll recirculate, recirculate, recirculate,
before we know, that all along we were golden.

And these streetlights in speckled windshield wipers,
will guide us home tonight.

And these stumps you rely on, share your load,
will be there time and time again.
There will be times again.

Sing the sweet song of impermanence,
I'm aching to feel you

Little brother, walking quiet down my street,
I find you everywhere.
City breathers, country wanderers,
when the sky feels like god.
Hang your thoughts.


And these castles, will find the ground.
But these fences, we'll bring them down, down, down.
And these mountains, will find the ground.
But these walls, we'll bring them down, down, down.